Everyone has a monster inside





I've always loved movies and stories about mummies and ancient Egyptian gods. But actual books about these subjects are pretty rare. So one day I decided that we need more, and I should write one.

The idea for it had been percolating in my head for a long time, so it was just a matter of sitting down and deciding which gods. I didn't want to just do a rehash of the Universal Studios mummies, or Anne Rice's semi-romantic mummy tale. I wanted action, and horror, and I wanted it in modern times. 
Originally I thought about setting RAGMAN in a small town, like many of my other novels. But then I thought, a big city like Manhattan would make it so much harder to find and catch a monster, and the anonymity of a city would help a certain high priest lay low. Once I had the setting and general plot, it was just a matter of creating a twist on the typical buddy cop substory.

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