Everyone has a monster inside




Sometimes, the past can be deadly. When a bear attacks his family during a camping trip. Alec Winter runs and hides. When he returns, his children are dead and his wife badly injured. He carries her out of the woods, and everyone believes he's a hero. But their deaths haunt him in his dreams, hauntings that become real on the anniversary of their deaths. Now their spirits are out for revenge, not only against Alec but against everyone who helped build him up as a hero. In the end, Alec sacrifices himself to end their escalating violence, but for Alec, death isn't the end of his pain.

One of the things I like to do is take traditional tropes – zombies, vampires, werebeasts,

 demons – and come at them from a different angle. The great thing about classic monsters is everyone loves them. The bad thing is the traditional takes on them have been done to death. So when I decided to write a ghost story, I didn't want it to be the same old same old. And I thought, what if someone did something that caused the deaths of people he loved? How pissed would those people be? Would they still love him, or would they hate him for eternity? And rather than have it be a crime, what if it was just plain old human nature that caused all the problems?

That part of it stumped me until one day I was talking with some people and we were asking each other if you'd give up your life to save a spouse or a child, and under what circumstances would you do it? Would you step in front of a mugger's gun? Dive in front of a bus to push someone out of the way? Swim into a raging sea? If danger struck, would you stand strong or turn and run?

And then I had my idea for the book – people never know how they're going to react until they are thrust into an emergency. While we all like to think we'd be heroes, odds are we might not be.

Also, I have to say, this cover captures the feel of the book perfectly. Softly creepy. As Charles L. Grant used to say, "quiet terror." I love it.


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