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"I've known JG Faherty since he was an up-and-comer.  Now he's arrived.  Start reading him now - as in TODAY - so you won't have to play catch-up later."  F. Paul Wilson, author of the bestselling Repairman Jack series

"Mr. Faherty's writing is excellent. It keeps your blood pumping and keeps your interest up. Brilliant stuff." Nev Murray, Confessions of a Reviewer

"Faherty's knowledge of the paranormal is spooky in its own right, cementing his position in formidable, spell binding horror." – Dave Gammon,

"JG Faherty writes in a style that is clean, easy to read, and well-paced. I highly recommend adding any of Faherty's books to your reading list."  Alice Andersen, Horror Literature Editor, BellaOnline

"The author has a tremendous talent for appeasing the subconscious executing a solid foundation for plot design and character development... His work is consistent, forever suspenseful, resourceful captivating."  Rick Ammortis,

"JG Faherty, a talented writer whose fiction has been infecting the pages for the past few years, delivers a young adult novel that surprises in its story and writing."   Dave Simms, Monster Librarian

"To read Faherty is to immediately become addicted, ravenously consuming one release after another. For those brand new to his efforts, be forewarned there is no turning back and you may wish to sock away a little extra cash for your electric bill from sleeping with the lights on." – Dave Gammon,



“HELLRIDER is a thunder and muscle hell ride through dangerous territory. Fun, wicked, and unrelenting. A horror thriller that breaks the rules and the speed limit at the same time.” – Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of CODE ZERO and DEAD OF NIGHT

"Remember when you were a kid and you'd sneak into the other theater or flip the channel to catch the horror movie, the one with lots of blood and a kickass soundtrack? HELLRIDER will take you back to those days when horror was fast and furious, and it's as satisfying as a butter-drenched tub of popcorn with a Saturday night horror flick." Lisa Morton, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of SUMMER'S END and NETHERWORLD

"Death rides a pale horse indeed!  J.G. Faherty's latest creation, Hellrider, is a gritty metaphysical journey of small town desperation and revenge.  A tense gut-twister that will have you hanging on every word." – Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of THE SAVAGE DEAD and FLESH EATERS

"Having been a fan of JG's books for quite some time now, it is the ultimate honor to have some of my lyrics from my band Charred Walls of the Damned included in HELLRIDER. Whether you're a horror fan, a metal fan, or just a fan of great writing, HELLRIDER is for you!"  Richard Christy, Charred Walls of the Damned and Sirus/XM Radio



"Faherty’s The Cure is a terrifically written novel. I think of it as a wild elevator ride where every floor is a new level within the story, and when the door opens on some of those levels, I wanted to peek my head out of the door, have a quick look, shut it, and get the hell away from there. The Cure takes you in directions that are unexpected and masterfully realized from Faherty’s imagination. It’s a wild read with many unexpected turns. Faherty’s got a flair for this stuff." – Matt Molgaard, Horror Novel

"The overall premise of the power to heal an ailing body and discharge the harmful, negative energy unto another is a highly fascinating theme and redefines the supernatural/paranormal genre. In a sea of over saturated story lines and ideas, Faherty manages to pique the interest of all readers new and perhaps even the most jaded of horror aficionados. Faherty’s ability to conceal the most pivotal of heightened climaxes is unprecedented in contemporary genre writing. He keeps us guessing until the very end. Seemingly when we think we have everything figured out, he changes the questions at the last moment, making him a certifiable well-seasoned author for the ages." – Dave Gammon,

"The Cure is fast-paced and original. As I have to come to expect with JG Faherty’s expertly crafted stories, this was a riveting story, full of twists and turns, strong characters and a compulsive plot. I empathised with Leah. I suffered with her. Just when I thought she might make it, along came another enemy. I genuinely had no idea how the story would resolve and the ending fitted perfectly. Thoroughly recommended. Suspenseful, thrilling horror." – Catherine Cavendish, author of THE PENDLE CURSE

"The Cure is a fast paced story that really keeps you on the edge of your seat." – Chantal Noordeloos, author of ANGEL MANOR and COYOTE: OUTLANDER



2013  ITW Thriller Award finalist .

"With THE BURNING TIME, Mr. Faherty, in my opinion has written his best tale to date. It is a rip-roaring supernatural horror tale that beautifully combines all that I love in a good story...a hell of a fun read that you will not be able to put down once you start, written by one of the best up and coming writers in the business and I highly recommend it." – Peter Schwotzer, Famous Monsters of Filmland

"Faherty's tale is a classic, compelling and gripping tale of good versus evil...Faherty's knowledge of the paranormal is spooky in its own right, cementing his position in formidable, spell binding horror." – Dave Gammon,

"JG Faherty writes in a style that is clean, easy to read, and well-paced. He builds up the suspense through the first half of the novel and follows through with lots of action in the second. I highly recommend adding any of Faherty's books to your reading list. The Burning Time is my current favorite." – Alice Andersen, Horror Literature Editor, BellaOnline

"The author has a tremendous talent for appeasing the subconscious executing a solid foundation for plot design and character development. His expert blend of dialogue, action and just a hint of exposition lures the reader deep into the story, seemingly with ease. Before one knows it, the readership is several chapters into the tale, infectious imagination forever reeling and unveiling what happens next...His work is consistent, forever suspenseful, resourceful captivating." – Rick Ammortis,  



2011 HWA Bram Stoker Award ® finalist for Superior Achievement in Young Adult Horror.

"The writing in Ghosts of Coronado Bay is confident, well edited...I'll be giving Ghosts of Coronado Bay 4 stars"  Clayton Bye, Editor-in-Chief – The Deepening

"With a brilliant combination of teen romance, paranormal abilities and activities, rustic pirate characters and comedy thrown into the mix it isn't difficult to see how this tale appeals to the masses. The characters are hip, trendy and realistic. Their dialogue is honest and true natural interaction." – Dave Gammon,

 “With the frightening, funny, and first-rate GHOSTS OF CORONADO BAY, JG Faherty takes readers on a cruise to some dark waters indeed.” – Jeff Mariotte, award-winning author of DARK VENGEANCE





"Cult of The Black Jaguar will prompt its readership to consume this riveting tale in one sitting. The larger than life, almost Technicolor-type descriptions pitch the reading audience directly into the fray of action. I’m hard pressed to envision any readers that will not consume this story in its entirety and keep begging for more." – Dave Gammon,

"Strong, even pacing encouraged me to read this whole thing in one sitting. One of the things I look for in horror is a really scary villain. It’s difficult to discuss the antagonist without giving away spoilers, but Mr. Faherty has found a good balance between describing what I should fear and allowing my imagination to fill in some of the details on its own. It’s often more frightening to not know everything, after all! Cult of the Black Jaguar is not for the faint of heart, but definitely give it a try if you like your horror on the bloody side." – Long and Short Reviews

"JAGUAR steps into Central America and the realm of the Mayans. It's an adventure/thriller pulp story somewhat similar to Indiana Jones. But don't confuse the two stories, JAGUAR has it's own twists and spins to keep a dark fiction fan happy right up to the very last word. It was a very satisfying afternoon read and very deserving of a solid four stars." – Cat After Dark Reviews

Nice twists, a genuine surprise, and an unexpected triumph. The settings here are fantastic, with just enough detail to make them come alive." – Bob R. Milne, Beauty-in-Ruins Blogspot

"I enjoyed CULT OF THE BLACK JAGUAR and found the experience of reading it similar to reading a “pulp” classic tale of adventure. The story quite literally has it all and is told in a fast-paced and straightforward fashion as those tales of the past were. This is quite simply an adventure story that has all of the trappings: adventure, romance, the paranormal, native guides, and a beautiful priestess. Faherty thrusts the reader right into the middle of the story and the jungle with the hits coming from the first page until the last. The writing is tight and this is a story that is easy to read in one sitting (and not just because of its short length but due to the non-stop action)." – Josef Hernandez, Minneapolis Book Examiner

"Cult Of The Black Jaguar is a fast paced story that is full of action, adventure, horror, and even a hint of romance. A throwback to the stories I loved when I was growing up. The characters were people I want to go exploring jungles with, and the monsters were fabulous creatures out of myth and legend. I was having so much fun reading it that I didn't want this story to end! A super fun 5 star read." – Angela Crawford, Horror Maiden's Book Reviews



"A chilling, eerie sense of suspended plausibility threatens their senses that is reminiscent of a classic Twilight Zone episode. The final pages leading up to the spell binding conclusion would translate brilliantly into an episode of The Outer Limits or the aforementioned Twilight Zone. Highly recommended for first time Faherty readers. Those familiar with his work will be far from disappointed and as equally ravenous as I for his forthcoming releases." – Dave Gammon,

"I could never get comfortable and settle in with this story, as soon as I thought I had a grasp on things, JG would twist it around and I would stuck scratching my head, saying to myself, did that just actually happen? I absolutely love when an author is able to do that. As the tale unfolds, and the horror, uncertainty and terror mount, the intensity of it all really builds and builds becoming overwhelming and at times downright frightening. Don’t get me started on the ending, it was in my opinion absolutely brilliant. Never saw it coming for a second and loved every minute of it. If you are looking for a story that will keep you guessing throughout, that is scary as all hell and wraps it up with an ending that will knock you back a piece, this this the story for you and I highly recommend it." – Peter Schwotzer,

"Castle by the Sea is a good choice for anyone in the mood for an old-fashioned fright fest. There are plenty of terrifying things hidden among these pages! The descriptive passages in this novella painted crystal clear images in my mind of what the castle looks like. All of the senses are included in the descriptions, which makes certain scenes even more horrifying than they might have been otherwise. I was impressed with how quickly Mr. Faherty introduced creepy new settings to the audience without slowing down the plot at all. This was my first introduction to his work, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next." – Long and Short Reviews

"A ride through the tunnel of love at a mysterious carnival ends up quite different than the protagonist would have expected. Faherty takes us on a wild ride through different realities, building up the tension with each page. A nice little novella that will send shivers down your spine." – Chantal Noordeloos, author of ANGEL MANOR



"The pacing in this story made it almost impossible for me to tear my eyes away from the page until I’d discovered how it all ended. One of the thing I appreciate the most about Mr. Faherty’s writing style is how adept he is at drawing me into the plot. His tales often make me feel as though I’m watching everything unfold on a movie screen in my mind, and this one is no exception to that rule. Give Legacy a try if you like the dark, creepy side of science fiction." – Long and Short Reviews

"Legacy is the latest supernatural themed horror from author JG Faherty. To read Faherty is to immediately become addicted, ravenously consuming one release after another. For those brand new to his efforts, be forewarned there is no turning back and you may wish to sock away a little extra cash for your electric bill from sleeping with the lights on. Faherty’s descriptions of the macabre beckons each of our senses and our imagination directly into the fray of action. Our sense of sight, sound and smell evoke a realistic sense of dreadful unease and apocalyptic type ruin. The nightmares breathe a life of their own into our subconscious, making this a certifiable page turner from beginning to end. Faherty once again deploys a magical tale that will challenge your beliefs and make this novella a conversational piece among fans of terror for years to come." – Dave Gammon,

"What a great story!! The descriptions captured my imagination... I really enjoyed JG Faherty's take on the Cthulhu mythos. Sean is an entirely believable and sympathetic character. Fans of Lovecraft will enjoy this gem of a story. I wish it was longer because I didn't want it to end." – Angela Crawford, Horror Maiden's Book Reviews



"Thief of Souls reads like a classic horror tale. There is a lot of creepy stuff between these pages for those of us who are fans of this genre!" – Long and Short Reviews

"What a fun story this was. As I was reading it felt like I was watching TV - an episode of Tales From the Darkside or Night Gallery maybe. Faherty told the story well, the reader assumed things...did they happen or not? I'm not telling! Maybe they did, maybe the story took twists. Who am I to tell? What I will say is that this is a fun, fast read that will have you looking for more." – Cat After Dark Reviews




"THE COLD SPOT is one of the best ghost stories I have read in a long time. If you love ghost stories you will love this one and I highly recommend it." – Peter Schwotzer, Famous Monsters of Filmland

"Horror monsters seem to go through trends. When I was little, it was the vampire. The 00s were the decade of the zombie. Where have the ghosts gone? JG Faherty's The Cold Spot is just what the spirit world ordered to escort them back into the limelight. It's compelling. The twists and turns at the end create a rollercoaster ride in the last pages that I did not see coming. That's my kind of story." – Alex McDermott, The Kindle Book Review



"This was chilling and gruesome and horrible. I loved it. It's a quick read, and a captivating one. The descriptions of the well and beyond were creepy and claustrophobic in places, and made me shiver once or twice! The ending was shocking, with a huge twist. All in all this was a belter." – WistfulKimmies Books Review Blog

"The ending was scary, very scary, it had me so jacked up that it took all I had to slow down while reading so I wouldn’t miss anything... He Waits is a horror story simply worth reading." – TT Zuma,



"JG Faherty seizes his readers by the throat and drags them straight towards the grave with Cemetery Club. A nail biter in the tradition of the best scare-'em-ups from the 80s.  Faherty's strong characterizations and gripping suspense will leave readers hungry for more."  Gregory Lamberson, author of COSMIC FORCES and THE FRENZY WAY

"JG Faherty nails the whole small town horror concept with a King-like flair. I definitely identified with the main characters, both past and present. All in all, I thought it was excellent." – Michael McBride, author of PREDATORY INSTINCT and SUNBLIND

"CEMETERY CLUB is like a plastic pumpkin bucket filled to the top with all of your favorite candies. Loads of gory fun!" – Jeff Strand, author of PRESSURE and DWELLER

"With plenty of new twists on some old favorites, Faherty's latest novel provides readers with as much fun in a graveyard as the law will allow. Ancient legends, demonic shadow-creatures and ravenous zombies--what more could you ask for?" – Hank Schwaeble, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of DAMNABLE and DIABOLICAL

"Cemetery Club is comfortable horror that features some fine descriptive passages. JG Faherty's tale doesn't rock the genre boat - it simply sails along pleasantly." – Sheila M. Merritt, HellNotes

"Faherty's latest effort is spell binding terror with a paranormal slant with tons of twists and turns. Often thought provoking and spine tingling several prominent themes are introduced simultaneously. He has initiated an impressive following into Cemetery Club. With spine tingling, hair raising suspense I look forward to his next tale." – Dave Gammon,

"Cemetery Club is an exciting read."

"My favorite part of the story is how JG Faherty presents the relationship between the four members of The Cemetery Club.  The author describes quite a bit of illegal testing on the mental hospital's patients and makes a point about how horribly humans treat other humans. This sets Cemetery Club apart from other novels with similar stories and makes it a great book."  – David Watson, Horror Addicts



"When I read FATAL CONSEQUENCES, I was reminded again of just how good a writer J.G. Faherty is. This is a lean, fast-paced thriller that had me engrossed from the first page to the last.  Highly recommended!" -John R. Little, author of LITTLE BY LITTLE, MIRANDA, and THE MEMORY TREE
"FATAL CONSEQUENCES is a really chilling ghost story. Weird with an unexpected twist.  Faherty writes like a dream.  I was propelled through the story by his suspenseful writing and finished it in one sitting." - Erica Manfred, co-author, THE DEMON OF BROWNSVILLE ROAD





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