Everyone has a monster inside




When Eddie Ryder is burned alive by fellow members of the Hell Riders motorcycle gang for ratting on them, he vows revenge with his dying breath. He returns as a ghost, with his custom motorcycle diablo by his side. After he finds out he can possess people, he launches a campaign of vengeance that leaves plenty of bodies in its wake and the police in a state of confusion. Spouting fire and lightning from his fingers and screaming heavy metal lyrics as he rides the sky above the town of Hell Creek, he brings destruction down on all those who wronged him, his power growing with every death. Only Eddie's younger brother, Carson, and the police chief's daughter, Ellie, understand what's really happening, and now they have to stop him before he destroys the whole town.


Sometimes  you just want to write something that's wickedly fun. Hellrider came to me while watching Sons of Anarchy. And I thought, what would this be like if the bikers were evil, and dead? And the whole thing was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino?

I started writing it the next day. I wanted it to be a grindhouse-style gore fest filled with politically incorrect characters who really had no redeeming qualities, so the readers would cheer when they got killed in violent, bloody, and often comical fashion.

I think I hit my mark!

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