Everyone has a monster inside




For more than 30 years, Ron Francis has been haunted by the death of his younger brother, Stu. Everyone believed Stu died when he fell into the old well, because that’s what Ron told them. But only Ron knows the real truth: Stu didn’t fall, he was dragged into the well by something with red eyes and sharp claws. In 1980, Ron did nothing to save his brother. But when his own children suffer the same terrible fate, Ron puts his fear aside and ventures into the dark depths, determined to find them and rid the town of the evil plague living beneath it. But down in those dark depths, Ron discovers something much more terrible than even his worst nightmares.

I woke up one morning and had the oddest rhyme repeating in my head: "Little Timmy

lives deep inside the well. Don't get close or Timmy will drag you down to hell." I had no recollection of ever hearing it before, but I figured I must have. When I went down to my office that morning, I added it to my idea notebook, as I do with all such odd thoughts. Usually I promptly forget them after that – which is why I'm up to 3 notebooks now – but this one stuck with me. So, after a few weeks, I did a search for it online. And found nothing. That's when it struck me that my subconscious had come up with it all on its own. I decided I needed to do a story about a monster in a well, and I'd use the rhyme as an old children's tale to form the basis of the story – like the little girl who does the sing-song rhyme in Nightmare on Elm Street.

What evolved from that one line became what I consider one of my most frightening novellas. It originally came out in limited edition hardback from Dark Fuse/Delirium (you can still find rare copies online), and now it's available on Amazon and in my web store as an ebook.


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