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Houses of the Unholy



My second collection of short fiction. This one contains both
"The Lazarus Effect," which originally appeared in Cemetery Dance Magazine, and the prequel novella, "December Soul," which is brand new.

When I first pitched this collection to Norm Prentiss at Cemetery Dance, the first thing he said was "I'm not doing it unless we include a novella that links with "The Lazarus Effect," because I always loved that story.

Had it been anyone else, I might have balked - I had no idea for a sequel or prequel - but Norm is both a friend and an amazing editor, so I trust him. And to my surprise, "December Soul" practically wrote itself.

Of course, the title is a riff on Led Zep's House of the Holy. Originally I wanted demons crawling out of hell toward a haunted house for the cover, but then everyone involved decided there might be copyright issues. However, Lynne Hansen did an amazing job with the final cover and I love it.


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