Everyone has a monster inside




Henry Gilman has spent years trying to separate himself from his father’s legacy of murder and insanity. Now he has the chance – all he has to do is figure out who’s been killing people in Innsmouth. Then he’ll be a hero and win the heart of the woman he loves, Flora Marsh. But soon he’s caught in a web of danger, with the undead stalking the streets at night, a terrible monster lurking below the city, and a prophecy of destruction about to come true. In the process, his actions cause unwanted consequences and to save Flora he has to do the very thing he’s spent his life trying to avoid: follow his father’s footsteps into madness.


I don't write a lot of Lovecraftian fiction, but one day I had this idea of what would happen if Mary Shelley and HP Lovecraft had collaborated on Frankenstein? Over a period of months I mulled this over - what kind of monster would they create? Who would be the hero, and who the villain?

And then one day I was sitting at my desk and I remembered something an old mentor had told me - the story always has to be about the people. And I immediately thought about how in Shelley's Frankenstein novella, it was the father-son relationship that sat at the core of the story. So that gave me the idea of where to start with my own. Except in this case, the doctor doesn't create a monster, he discovers one...

And then setting the story in Victorian Innsmouth provided the perfect backdrop for the creepy evil I needed.

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